Picture of the day for July 31, 2018

A Kamchatka Brown Bear near Dvuhyurtochnoe, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia.. Learn more.


Picture of the day for July 30, 2018

Male African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) with a red-billed oxpecker (Buphagus erythrorhynchus) in South Africa. The buffalo doesn’t mind the bird too much as it eats ticks and other insects that bother him. 30 July is the United Nations’ International Day of Friendship.. Learn more.

Picture of the day for July 28, 2018

The star cluster Pismis 24 lies in the core of the large emission nebula NGC 6357 that extends one degree on the sky in the direction of the Scorpius constellation. Part of the nebula is ionised by the youngest (bluest) heavy stars in Pismis 24. The intense ultraviolet radiation from the blazing stars heats the gas surrounding the cluster and creates a bubble in NGC 6357. The presence of these surrounding gas clouds makes probing into the region even harder.. Learn more.